Artist review

Long before capturing a photograph, Clara Mill enters into a writing process. In a world of perpetual evolution and revolution, where the common rhythm is the most important, she chooses to testify about the ‘Unique” of human being. She thinks that Life is a Journey that slowly reveals the spine, The “architecture” of relationship & human being and of an unseen world. 

In her creative process, she uses drawing, painting and writing to sculpt and compose her final photographic capture. Her work is a never ending research of identity, framing her image from a different angle, giving to the audience the opportunity to approach and confront the scene from a different perspective.


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+44 783 709 4132



2018 March  ArtRoom FAIR, Roma

2017 Dec./Jan. 2018  Group exhibition, Photofusion Gallery, London

2017 Nov. Residence with Laurent Herrou author & Jacqueline Genou singer, Brussels, Belgium

2017 June  CD cover & advertising for Barbarie, French Singer, France

2017 Advertising "Transversalites", National congress of psychoanalysts at Imaje Sante, Marseille, France

2017 Art Photo Magazine done with DQVTM at Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris

2016 " The Roots" one month solo exhibition, Speos Gallery, Paris, France

2015 “Jane Bird & Chet” one month solo exhibition, Galerie Bievres, Paris

2014-2015 Residence-reportage with the Art Collective DQVTM, covering 18 performances in the prestigious “Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature”, Paris, France

2014 "Whispering", a 2 months solo exhibition, "Universite permanente", Nantes, France

2014 June/July  "Angie, a ghost story" group exhibition, Speos Gallery Paris and Speos London

2011 "Paris snowy" one month solo exhibition at Galery Bievre, Paris, France

2010 "Migrants" solo exhibition at the National congress of psychoanalysts, Imaje Sante, Marseille, France